Unity 5 for Beginners Review

Store Link – https://www.packtpub.com/game-development/unity-5-beginners-video

This is a short (3.5 hours) video series from the same author as “Unity 5.x by Example”, which if you can remember, I gave a positive review. Unfortunately this series is basically just a stripped down version of Part A of the book and comes at double the cost. To pay a whopping $70 for an intro to the interface is absurd as you can find that info in the Unity manual or on YouTube (at no cost) if you’re interested.

Target Audience?
As mentioned, the series is targeted at complete beginners who want to learn how to navigate the interface but aren’t ready for coding.

+beginner friendly
+thorough breakdown of every part of Unity
-no coding
-very little content
-will only benefit a complete beginner

Rating: 5/10 Not recommended.

Looking Back…

My opinions haven’t really changed on this video series. The author published a book that offers way more content and at a cheaper price. I also recall being bored to tears with the videos; however, there were some occasional additions such as keyboard shortcuts that the book didn’t have, but not anything worth the higher cost.