The Best Unity Resources I’ve Used

Learn To Code Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer 2.0

Released 2017 – Last Update 2018


Learn To Code 2.0 is a vast improvement over the original installment. It provides a comprehensive coverage for all things Unity 2017, including the new Timeline and Tilemapping features. Where the original course suffered from an ultra-slow pacing, poor coverage of C#, and poor editing, the new V2 has seen improvement. The new optimised pacing combined with the Spiral Curriculum will have beginners to Unity in total engagement. While still under development, this course is heading in a promising direction. See the full review here. »


Unity In Action – Second Edition

Released 2017 – Last Update 2018


Unity In Action is one of the strongest books out covering Unity 2017. With its aggressive hands-on approach, UIA will have you working from scratch as opposed to using prefabs. This results in a deeper understanding of what exactly is going on behind the scenes. The book offers long, exhaustive instructions that leave nothing to the imagination. Reader’s going in with a background in C# will feel very comfortable here, and will probably get a lot more out of it than those going in with no experience. If you prefer reading to watching, then this is the Unity resource to get. See the full review here. »


Shader Development From Scratch For Unity With Cg

Released 2017 – Last Update 2018


This Udemy course meticulously covers the very core of shaders. From surface shaders, to vertex and fragment shaders, students will learn all of the math, theory, and syntax involved. While not offering instructions on how to build every shader out there, the course has a more narrow focus that will lead you to being able to further experiment on your own. Once the course has been completed, students will have a deeper understanding of graphics. See the full review here. »


Learn To Code Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer 1.0

Released 2014 – Last Updated 2017


Learn To Code Version 1.0 was a runaway success when it hit Kickstarter in 2014. With more than two hundred thousand students, LTC Version 1.0 gained a massive following. As the community grew, so too did the course. At a staggering 50+ hours of video lecture, the course was an absolute behemoth and a very comprehensive resource for beginners to those slightly more advanced. See the full review here. »



Unity 5.x Animation Cookbook

Released 2016


Author Maciej Szcześnik is a veteran of game development. As lead combat & gameplay designer of the Witcher, this author shares a vast array of animation knowledge. This is one of the few great Packt books out there. Students will learn everything on the Unity-side of animation including movement, combat, platforming, and more. If you’re looking to get a book on animation, this is the one to get. See the full review here. »




Best Free Resource: Unity Learn


Time and time again I have found myself on Unity’s Official tutorial site. When something in the Unity Documents doesn’t make sense, I always seem to find a crash course on what I’m trying to learn here. The reason I sometimes don’t need a book on a subject is because I found everything I needed right here. Visit Unity Learn.


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